Susan and I met in 2002 at Eastern's Dance Competition in Washington DC.  After a year of long distance dating,
we married a year later in 2003.

In 2002, I started the first Stacy's Jam Dance Party in Charlottesville and we have been hosting 6-8
dances per year since then with great success.  We get dancers from all around of various dance levels.

Currently Susan and I teach at our own dances and periodically at other local dances in the Harrisonburg, Staunton
and Charlottesville areas.
Our favorite dances to teach and social dance are West Coasting Swing and Hustle.  We enjoy social dancing and
traveling to dance events when we have the opportunity.  When we learn new dance skills we try bring those new
skills home to share with others when we teach.

If you have never been to our "Stacy's Jam" Dance Party, make plans to join us.  Typically it is the 2nd saturday of
most months (we skip a few).  It's a fun, friendly crowd of dancers with a variety of dance styles and music.

~ Stacy Suter